Who needs a liability waiver form? What age do I need to be to sign my own form?

Everyone entering our facility will need to fill out our online Release of Liability Waiver form. You will need to be 18 years old to sign your own waiver. Anyone under the age of 18, a minor, will need a parent or legal guardian to complete the on-line waiver form. 

Is there a minimum age for rock climbing?

No, all ages are allowed to climb at North Wall. Children 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult at all times while on the climbing padding. One adult is required for every two children.

Do you sell climbing gear?

Yes! We sell a wide variety of climbing shoes, harnesses, chalk bags, chalk, and other climbing essentials. Stop in or call for selection on specific items.

Is a Day Pass good for a whole day?

Yes. With the purchase of a Day Pass, you may leave and come back the same day without having to pay twice. (Likewise with shoe rentals, you only need to pay for them once per day. If you leave and come back, you do not need to pay again.)

Is rock climbing safe?

Rock climbing is inherently dangerous. Please follow all safety guidelines.

First Time Questions

I’ve never done rock climbing before. How does it work?

First, please fill out a North Wall facility waiver. Then come by and we’ll help you get started!

Do I need to bring a climbing partner, or can I climb alone?

You can use the Auto-belays without a partner. Bouldering can be climbed solo without a partner.

It's my first time climbing, what should I wear?

Comfortable, stretchy athletic clothing. We recommend wearing pants or shorts that cover your knees to protect them against scraping on the wall. If you will be renting climbing shoes, we recommend wearing socks.

Do I need to take a class to climb?

No, classes are not required to boulder or use an autobelay. However, we do recommend taking our Belaying 101 class to gain the skills you need to climb and belay using a top rope. Once you understand belay basics, taking Bouldering 102 can help you learn efficient climbing technique that will fast track your climbing progress.


Rock Climbing Quesions

Do I need to be strong to try climbing?

Climbing is equal parts physical, mental and technique. The best climbers tend to study a route and visualize the movement and climbing sequence before moving a muscle.

What is the difference between bouldering and rope climbing?

Bouldering is climbing done on relatively low rocks, or “boulders”.  Climbers who boulder don’t use ropes. Rope climbing is for taller climbing wall, you need to tie into a climbing rope & have a partner to managing the rope for you. 

Do I have to climb all the way to the top?

No. For first timers, rather than going upwards, it is recommended to move sideways along the wall without climbing too high: this is known as Traversing.

Why should I traverse?

Traversing allows beginners to adjust their hands and feet to the feeling of holding on to the holds on the wall, while minimizing your risk to injury. 

Why is there colored tape on the wall tape?

The colored tapes mark specific routes on the wall. The routes vary in degree of difficulty.  In general, the bigger the hold, the easier the route. But, what may be easy for one person may be quite challenging for another.

Who sets the routes? How often do they change?

Our staff is responsible for setting routes. The routes will change to keep the climbing experience new and fresh. Our staff changes various sections of the gym every week. The entire gym is reset every 8 weeks.

Do I have to climb on the marked route?

No, you do not have to climb on the marked routes.  Feel free to use holds that make sense to you.  The reason why the routes are marked is so that you can practice different types of moves and combinations of moves.

Do I have to use chalk when I climb?

No you do not have to use chalk but it really helps. Chalk wicks the moisture from your hands and helps to increase friction on the holds. Most beginners do not use chalk immediately; adults will more likely need chalk than children because they weigh more.


Rental Questions

Can I use my own gear?

Yes. You may use any of your own gear in our facility. For your own safety we recommend that you only use high quality newer gear. If you are unsure of the safety of your equipment, please feel free to ask our staff. You should only use gear with good training and knowledge of how to operate equipment safely.


Do I need to rent climbing gear if I don’t have my own?

You will need to rent climbing shoes and a harness if you plan to use our autobelays.

Do you provide rentals for outdoor use?

No, all our rentals including shoes and harnesses are for gym use only.


Belaying Questions

What is belaying?

Belaying (French for “to stop”) is the process of managing the climber's rope to protect a climber from being injured in a fall.  As the climber ascends, the belayer takes up slack in the rope. The belayer can stop the rope and catch a climber when falling using a belay device.

Do we get to use the ropes if we just come in?

No, unless you have taken a lesson teaching you how to belay. Or can pass our belay check ensuring that you are aware of the safety and proper use of equipment.

I’m an experienced climber. Do you require a belay check?

Yes, belays checks are free of charge.

How old do I have to be to use the auto belay?

You must be at least 13 years old or older to operate our auto-belays. Children 13 & under may climb using the auto-belays as long as an adult (18 or older) accompanying them has been through our auto-belay orientation and connects/disconnects them and are actively supervising their use.

How old do I have to be to belay?

You have to be at least 13 years old.


Facility Questions

What type of climbing do you have at North Wall?

We have around 120+ bouldering problems and 30+ top rope routes.

Does someone who is not climbing have to pay to be in the gym?

Nope, patrons are free to come watch if they are not climbing.

How tall are your climbing walls?

Our tallest walls are around 25 feet.

Do we have autobelays?

Yep! We have 4 autobelays.

Do you have lockers/cubbies?

 Everyone is allowed to use the cubbies around the gym. Please don't leave items in them overnight.


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