Adult Bouldering League

North Wall’s Adult Bouldering League is a series of climbing nights designed to get you training harder, having fun, and meeting some great people in the process!  The league is designed to improve your climbing skills, engage in friendly competition with your fellow climbers, and win some great prizes.

We use a handicap system to create a competitive, yet fair environment for all climbers regardless of your experience level.  Each climber will determine their starting baseline based on the hardest boulder problem the individual can complete with some regularity.

You can sign up by yourself, with a friend or as a complete team of four climbers. This league is open to all climbers ages 18 and up!


Have questions? Interested in signing up? Please call our front desk at 815.356.6855


  • Adult Bouldering League runs for 8 weeks on every Thursday  from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

    • One week of orientation/team training, six weeks of competition and one week of awards​/celebration party

  • Teams must have a minimum of 3 people, maximum of 4.

  • Teams will be given score cards at the beginning of each league night.

  • You will need to record each climb you “send” during the League night.

  • All "sends" must be seen and signed off on by two members of  an opposing team.

  • Scorecards must be turned in to staff at the end of the League night.

  • Remember, to count as a “send”, you cannot fall.

  • The top 5 scores per person will be counted towards your total points.

  • Each route can only count once per night, but you may repeat routes from week to week.

  • We reserve the right to bump climbers to a higher level category if we believe you have placed yourself too low.

  • Top 5 out of 6 weeks will be counted-so it’s no problem if you miss a week!

  • League participation/entry fee does not include climbing day pass or rentals.

Spring 2020 Season 

  • Registration Deadline: April 2nd

  • Orientation and Rules April 9th

  • Competition nights start April 16th-May 21st

  • Awards night and Pizza Party May 28th

  • Registration Fee*: $35 for the season

  • *Registration fee goes toward team t-shirts, pizza party and prizes


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